PhD Student in Tunable Magneto-Photonic Nanostructured Metasurfaces – CIC nanoGUNE

Publish date 29/07/2019
Entity CIC nanoGUNE
Sector of Activity Nanotechnology

In the last decade, there has been an increased interest in the study of the optical properties of metallic nanostructures and their ability to control and manipulate light at the nanoscale. A current focal point of research is the development of novel nanostructured composite materials (metamaterials) with designed and tunable optical properties. These novel metamaterials exploit the capability of metallic nanoparticles to confine the electromagnetic (EM) field beyond the diffraction limit when a plasmon resonance, i.e. a coherent oscillation of charged free electrons inside the material, is excited by the EM field. This property enables the concentration of EM field beyond the light diffraction limit and opens a path towards subwavelength optics to be used to transport and process information at the nanoscale in novel high-tech ultra-thin optical devices. Equivalently interesting, is the strong dependence of this EM field confinement effect on the environment that offers a clear pathway to the development of ultrasensitive sensors for environmental and biological applications.

The focus of the research proposed here, are hybrid metamaterials comprising ferromagnetic nanoelements because they combine the plasmonic behavior with intertwined optical and magnetic properties. The underlying idea is to use such hybrid metamaterials to design new types of nano-photonic devices with enhanced performances that can be remotely controlled by external magnetic fields.

The ideal candidate should have a Master (or equivalent degree) in Physics or related fields (e.g., Engineering), with a background and interest in solid state phenomena.

The research will be performed in the state-of-art nanofabrication, synthesis, and optical/magneto-optical spectroscopy facilities of the Nanomagnetism research group under the supervision of Prof. Paolo Vavassori, and in collaboration with the Nanodevices,   Nanooptics,  and Electron Microscopy groups at nanoGUNE

We offer an international and competitive environment, state-of-the-art equipment, and the possibility of performing research at the highest level. The PhD students will be enrolled at the University of the Basque Country Doctorate Program.

The candidates should apply by completing the form below, attaching:

  1. A complete CV
  2. A cover letter indicating clearly which position they are interested in
  3. Academic qualifications
  4. At least one reference letter grouped in a single PDF file.


  • Applications that do not follow the instructions indicated above will not be considered further.
  • The deadline for applications is 6th September 2019
  • Please note that due to the large number of submissions expected, we cannot provide individual feedback.
Career Opportunity / Job Vacancie PhD Student in Tunable Magneto-Photonic Nanostructured Metasurfaces
Deadline 06/09/2019