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Researcher for the Multi-Physical Battery Modelling Series

Publish date 14/02/2020
Sector of Activity I+D

A researcher is required in the area of energy storage, capable of developing the multi-physical model of lithium metal technology batteries.

The successful candidate must know how to manage the projects in progress and be able to handle meetings with clients, participate in workshops and platforms in order to defend the projects under their responsibility.

It will also be appreciated if the successful candidate has knowledge of multiphysics battery models, lithium ion batteries, advanced lithium ion batteries and / or lithium metal batteries.

The researcher will join the Energy Materials Unit, working in training and/or transfer to company projects.

They will be in charge of leading battery modelling projects.

Career Opportunity / Job Vacancie Researcher for the Multi-Physical Battery Modelling Series
Deadline 31/05/2020