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Technician Position in Protein Expression and Purification

Publish date 18/02/2020
Entity CICbiomaGUNE
Sector of Activity I+D

One technician position in Protein Expression and Purification is available in the Biomolecular Nanotechnology Group at CIC biomaGUNE lead by Dr. Aitziber L. Cortajarena.

The main job responsibilities will be to support research efforts by performing large scale protein expression, purification and characterization techniques. The candidate will also provide support on molecular biology techniques (site directed mutagenesis, error-prone PCR). Finally, the candidate will help with the implementation of high-throuput medologies for protein design.
The project is in the framework of an ERC Consolidator Grant (ProNANO) focused on the development of a modular versatile platform for the fabrication of protein-based hybrid functional nanostructures for their use in different applications including molecular electronics, optical plasmonics, bioorganic catalysis, and photoactive systems among others.

Career Opportunity / Job Vacancie Technician Position in Protein Expression and Purification
Deadline 29/02/2020