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Tecnun – Wireless Sensors Radar Technology

Publish date 06/11/2018
Entity Tecnun – Universidad de Navarra
Sector of Activity Education


  • Telecommunications Engineering or Industrial Electronics and Control Engineering
  • Date of degree: 2014 o later.
  • Good level of english.

In the technical side, the candidate should have certain experience with

  • Vector Network Analyzers and Spectrum Analyzers
  • General Signal Processing
  • Radio Frequency Electronics (ability to program off-the-self evaluation kits for PLLs, UWB modules etc)
  • General propagation and backscattering problems. It would be desirable certain knowledge of VHDL.

In the performance side, the candidate is expected to select the right strategy to approach the challenge.


  • Two-year fellowship with Social Security + contract for third year.


  • The candidate will receive support in RF electronics implementation and measurements, antennas (CST), propagation and programming.
Career Opportunity / Job Vacancie PhD position on “Wireless Sensors Radar Technology”
Deadline 31/12/2018