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Benefit from our grants.

Forget about all the paperwork and focus only on developing your professional career.

You have always been a restless and dynamic person and now you think it is time to change your work situation. You want to grow as a professional, to be able to develop your ideas, even to undertake and why not? Do it in a new city.

  • You are looking for a job in a new city where you can grow as a professional, continue training and participate in the most innovative projects.
  • You want to start your own innovative business in a place that offers you the best conditions to develop your idea.

Grants to move to San Sebastian

You can imagine the trouble and expense involved in changing your place of residence. It’s not easy. That’s why we thought about it. So, neither the paperwork, nor the move, nor your children’s school will be a problem.

You’re going to be able:

  • Co-finance travel expenses
  • Benefit from aid to cover the costs of your stay in Donostia
  • Stay at Talent House
  • Have a space to start your startup

We make it easy for you and your family to just think about your career

When you change cities for work, you need to carry out a lot of procedures and processes. Searching for a house, filling out paperwork, preparing documentation. A headache that can try your patience.

So that this doesn’t pose a problem for you and you can:

  • Focus on developing your projects, training and innovation
  • Enjoy the city and its surroundings
  • Meet new people and have fun in your free time


We offer you a welcome program through which you will receive:

  • Accompaniment for administrative procedures: entry, visas, banking system, etc.
  • Assistance for the health system
  • Advice on the education system, local languages and recognition of qualifications
  • City information: socio-cultural agenda, transport, sports, leisure, etc.
  • Accommodation facilities at Talent House where you will live with people from all over the world who are in Donostia for the same reason as you
  • Direct connection with entities, innovation projects and leading companies in their sector

This way, you won’t feel helpless and can focus on your work from the first minute.

The city that drives innovation is waiting for you

In Donostia, we have known for years that innovation is the engine of the economy.
That is why we invest almost 3% of the GDP in R+D and we bet on supporting research.

But, above all, we bet on people like you who make it possible for that innovation to be real.

And to do so, we promote initiatives such as the Innovation Week, the Donostia Innovation League or the Explorer Programme with which we seek to boost entrepreneurial talent and the generation of innovative ideas.

Donostia is a city that is waiting for you with open arms. And we are all eager to help you and offer you all the facilities you need so that you can focus on what really matters to you:
enjoying the city, its people and keep growing and learning in your profession.

Are you coming?