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Explorer, fomentosansebastian

It will identify a maximum of 15 local entrepreneurs who want to develop an entrepreneurial project to participate in a pilot program that will exchange experiences online between participants from different countries. The deadline for submitting projects is Monday 13 January and will be extended until 31 January. Applications can be submitted on the Fomento de San Sebastián website.

Fomento de San Sebastián (Donostia/San Sebastián Economic Developement Agency), one of the entities that has been collaborating for the longest time with the Explorer programme promoted by Banco de Santander through the CISE Foundation, is the only Basque entity selected to participate in the Explorer International Project. It is aimed at young people between 18 and 31 years who present a business project and are offered support, training and advice for three months to draw up business plans based on technology-based ideas. Those selected will be able to attend practical sessions and workshops on design thinking, creativity, finance, leadership, marketing or communication skills given by the experts who make up the Explorer programme network. In turn, each project will have the personalized support of a volunteer mentor who will contribute his or her experience and advice. In the new Explorer line, an online networking work will be generated among the different projects and participating countries.

Fomento de San Sebastián’s participation in Explorer International is part of a strategy to support innovative technology-based entrepreneurship in the city, especially with young entrepreneurs. This is a commitment that includes programs such as the PUC, Pop Up Commerce, Ekin+ for project acceleration, or the economic aid and guidance and advice services for starting up a business. In this commitment to entrepreneurship, talent is key, not only local but also international, with tools such as the Return of Talent grants or the Residence programme which facilitates the implementation of innovative projects in San Sebastian.