Jon Maíz, returned to Donostia in 2016 using San Sebastian’s Local Talent Return Program. This young researcher from POLYMAT (Basque Center for Macromolecular Design and Engineering), has been chosen by the Iberdrola Foundation to lead the project “Blue Energy Harvesting from Ocean Waves using Piezoelectric Flexible Polymers”, an ambitious plan that seeks to arness the energy of waves by means of polymers.

The awards ceremony took place January 31st 2019 at the headquarters of Iberdrola in Madrid attended by the Chairman of Iberdrola and the Queen.

Jon Maíz’s professional career began in a Technological Center at San Sebastian but he soon had to move to Madrid and later to Bordeaux to continue his training. In 2016, already as Doctor in Applied Chemistry and Polymeric Materials, he joined the first edition of the Return of Talent Program of Fomento de San Sebastián to return to Donostia and work as associate researcher in POLYMAT.

POLYMAT is devoted to stimulate the university-industry relationships in the field of polymers and the Center is focused on use-inspired fundamental research on synthesis, assembly and processing of polymers.